Small business brand consulting


I help small businesses develop full package branding that inspires customer confidence and provide the tools and training needed to continue on successfully without me.


Here's an example:

A Real Estate client has a nice logo but the the font is outdated and the colors are a little too intense for the high end coastal market, no other branding exists.

The Package:


Update the logo colors and font 


Provide three design options, have printed upon approval.


Word template provided upon job completion to allow for text edits or employee additions without the need for a designer 


Client already belongs to a website service but needs better branding, provide Header image options and upon approval login and update along with new logo and any other changes that can be made (some services allow for background changes etc. but don't worry about it, I'll take care of it)


How's the Facebook looking? Only a personal page? Okay no problem, I take a peek and see some strong political views on there and advise the client to set her personal page to private and set up a new Facebook business page tied into the website header image branding. Recommend that the client add headshot to site (don't see one on Real Estate site)

Guide provided upon departure for client explaining best practices for social media posting including timing, content and interactivity.


After consulting with client discover that windows are a source of drop in traffic to office, present signs, both seasonal and weekly along with a layout for the entire window setup and advise about a new trim color to help them stand out among other companies on the street. Change Open sign to "Open, Welcome Home" in a color that pops against the company colors.

Word templates for all window signs provided upon job completion.