I get it, you want a nice brand, one that makes sense for you and your customers, with the right colors and feel but you're not looking for piecemeal elements and complicated breakdowns, you need someone to look at the big picture, provide what you need at a fair package price with maybe a bell but no whistles please.

You may already have a team that's ready and willing, heck, maybe you are the team.


I can provide templates tailor made for your skill level so that you can take what I create and keep producing fresh material (signs, social media posts, even update your new website). Depending on how you like to learn, I can provide tutorials, printed material, phone help, or come and sit down with you.

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“Jodi Sinatra has been making my business look great for five years. Jodi is creative and demonstrates an extraordinary eye for color and distinctive designs. Jodi’s designs and her knowledge were an integral part of my new business’ positive successful marketing."


Alice Gillan

Gillan Learning Center, LLC

Small business brand rescue


I help small businesses develop full package branding that inspires customer confidence and provide the tools and training needed to continue on successfully without me.